Despite making some spectacular saves in last weeks win against Real Salt Lake, Sounders keeper Stefan Frei’s performance will be remembered for this week’s #MLSRidiculousMoment of the week.

Stefan fell for the ole “I am not interested” psych move from Yura Movsisyan. He looked like he was feeding the ducks in Washington Park Arboretum.

I guess Stefan Frei had the Doppler turned off when Tropical Storm Movsisyan was riding along his left coast.

Shall I compare Joao Plata’s goal to a Low Front?

Now you probably think I am being a hater because EPL is back and Liverpool are on pace to win the Premier League. Not true. I watched three MLS games this week. Jordan Morris looked Good, Pirlo had a great assist, The Impact got EWR’ed and Frei had many fine moments.

I think of MLS as your grandfather (stay with me). You love him even when he openly farts when everyone is watching TV in the living room. Now, the worst thing you can do is not acknowledge the fart because next stop nursing home. You acknowledge it, he says something funny and everyone laughs. His mind stays sharp and everyone gets a giggle.

That is what #MLSRidiculousMoment of the week is all about.

You’re welcome MLS.