A lot of news coming out this week about new jerseys for MLS teams. Sidenote, you know who else is a new jersey MLS team? The Red Bulls.

Back to the story – with all this jersey news dropping one thing has really stuck out to me – the glaring security holes in the MLS jersey releasing workflow. Day after day we have seen “LEAKED” jerseys from “unknown” sources before official releases are announced. What the hell are we doing here? First of all how does someone get in the leaking game? And has the league come this far…are MLS jerseys leakable?

Its anyone’s guess who is behind the leaking but it really feels like an inside job. How high up does it go? Is it Garber sending down orders to watermark jersey pics with unintelligible URLs? Or maybe MLS senior editor Arielle Castillo flooding our twitter timelines with cat pics and Brooklyn hijinx all the while being the leader of a massive jersey leaking ring (allegedly). Possible working title of the crime outfit: Tiki-Leaks

San Jose: