MLS Fantasy Week 9

I don’t want to live in a world where MLS viewers rate their defenders highly. It doesn’t feel right and you know it. MLS was built on doing rainbows in the middle of a game at the midfield line. It was built on creating an entirely new type of PK where you ran full speed at a goalie to do god knows what next. I know they exist but I don’t want anyone to willingly write articles steering fandom in this direction. Andrew Winner, which frankly sounds made up, I am talking to you. You look me in the eye Andrew and tell me you want defense.

Here’s a list why I am right:

1) You only need a good defense if you’re guilty. What are you hiding?

2) If you don’t have a defense you have an offense

3) When you score goals you feel good

4) When you get goals scored on you you feel dumb and you are dumb

5) Arsenal have finished in 4th place twelve years in a row without playing defense if that’s not proof enough I don’t know what is

In short, we need to be encouraging our MLS contingent to focus on offense. Have we come this far to rest on our back four laurels?