It is Memorial Day and it is a day to relish in being an American.

It is a day celebrate to who we are as a people and to deeply consider and meditate on the people who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. One of the many opportunities afforded to us by our country’s armed forces is that of showing our ability to compete on the international stage. One of the finest examples is through the game of soccer.

Yes, the game of soccer was invented and refined into “The Beautiful Game” in England; much like the English Philosopher John Locke transformed the idea of freedom but also had an obvious intellectual ceiling when it came to application. Well we ran with it and we made it awesome. And now Jurgen Klinsmann is the Thomas Paine of our soccer journey, connecting grass roots development and his egalitarian approach to the player/coach dynamic with technical expertise and academic like precision. He is an idea guy leading the charge into uncharted waters at the front of this USMNT steamboat like Leo in Titanic. Won’t put it past him to start anonymously publishing pamphlets on the continued fight to carve out our own place in the soccer world.

Oh, but Dan…America is gluttonous, America is ignorant…shut your mouth. Freedom comes with some stupid crap. It’s like going to a free concert…a lot of the bands suck but, get some beers rolling it’s a party till the main act comes out. At the end of the day we have BBQ’s and Wiffle Ball and basically all the best music. We are hilarious…the entire world has to watch “The Hangover” in subtitles. This is a short list of how awesome we are. So, let’s throw our shoulders back a little bit and dare I say…be proud?

At HotFooty we are dedicated to being “The Voice of Soccer in America” because it is time for us to solidify our own American fan experience. As lovers of the game and of our country’s team we take an approach to fandom that is  realistic in its expectations, and fundamental in critique. We want performances to be practical and creative. And we want our players to be smart, driven jackhammers that don’t accept losing and are willing to work even harder when it happens.

Each of our players on each of our squads in each major tournament contributes in building our soccer monument. Each tackle and clearance and through ball and curled cross constructs a new buttress and the more we play the harder it will be for any outside force to penetrate. That is why each game is so crucial and guess what, the boys in blue know it. A game against the US is like trying to play frogger in a tunnel with an entire hells angels motorcycle club charter coming roaring through. Our spirit, tenacity and leather will be imprinted all over the other team.

Hey Colombia, come on up and get some. On June 3rd you’re on a highway to #TheDangerZone.

Below we have some of the finest USMNT highlights ever assembled under a top gun video:

This article was Co-Authored by Dice.