Manchester United vs Watford Recap – Week 28

Manchester United 1 – 0 Watford

  • ‘The mark of a champion is to play poorly but still pull out a victory’. It has been a bit since this was a phrase used in the red half of Manchester but it feels good to be back. Playing poorly is going to happen over the course of a season but finding a way to win has no compromises
  • Watford..lot of spirit, lot of fight, not a lot of finishing ability. Ighalo played like he was re-enacting Leo’s role in the man in the iron mask
  • There was a shot of Mata today after he got subbed off where he looked glorious, like a bright faced Wayne Rooney with excess butterfingers removed from his face
    • A lot of the reason for the recent surge in Man United performances is due to Juan Mata. He has come in off the wing and come alive in the center where he loves to play the most. This is just a little bending bonus from him. “A thing of consummate beauty” as described by on air commentary team