Manchester United vs Arsenal Recap

Manchester United 3 – 2 Arsenal

Another installment of the heated rivalry between Man United and Arsenal ends with a slight edge to the Red Devils. This was a match that can be analyzed in terms of opposing pairs:

  • Forwards: Theo Walcott had fewer touches than any other player on the field in the first half. Marcus Rashford (18 year old human embodiment of “wtf is happening”) scored 2 goals with classic striker form.
  • Central Defenders: Carrick and Blind, though a brand new partnership and both playing out of their natural positions were brilliant in not letting space open up for the intricate passing and runs Arsenal rely so heavily on in the final third. Koscielny and Gabriel had issues dealing with pressure whenever it came mostly evidenced by the two Rashford goals being balls played right into their kitchen when they should have had numbers. Also the level to which they all dropped off on the Herrera counter attack goal showed lack of communication.
  • The midfields of each team were mostly effective in canceling each other out. A goal each for Ozil and Herrera but nothing much to separate in general. Memphis showed a ton of spirit but his speed was neutralized by Bellerin and Sanchez didn’t see enough of the ball. A huge opportunity missed with Varela being on a yellow for the majority of the game and defense not exactly making his top 3 list of “things I like to play”
  • Managers: Van Gaal finally hit the eject button on his sport tuned racing seat and hit the touchline for a moment of glory that will send the meme machine into overdrive. A movement with such grace and agility we aren’t used to from elderly Dutch men…clipboard, pen, papers all intact and a I think safe to say point made.

    Arsene Wenger on the other hand kept it quiet and low key perhaps a bit more pensive than normal and taking in the whole match with a sort of I’m on the toilet like calmness.