Liverpool vs FC Augsburg – Europa League Round of 32

Liverpool 1 – 0 FC Augsburg (1-0 aggregate)

  • Milner scores the only goal in the round of 32 for Liverpool on a handball PK . This ties him with Brazilian Backstreet Boys Coutinho and Firmino. Firmino is the one with the tattoos and Coutinho is the baby face! “Are we sort of good? Yeaaaaa”
  • Liverpool dominated possession, corners and shots on net and scored 1 goal on a PK. Being excited about this win is the equivalent of being excited about making a homemade dinner even though you burnt it and ordered chinese food after…I think. Discuss.
  • FC Augsburg scored against all opponents in their time in Europa league; but Liverpool kept a clean sheet against them. I am not sure if that means Liverpool has a good defense (unlikely) or Augsburg is not good at offense…
  • Liverpool advances to the round of 16 in European competition for the first time since 2010-2011.

 Who scored? I did! Milner seemed to say