Liverpool lost to 13th place Swansea City 3-1 today at Liberty Stadium in Swansea,Wales.

It has been 12 days since the cleats of Ramiro Funes More “He Who Shall Not Be Named” mangled Divock Orgi’s little-foot tendons and LFC has been sliding ever since.

The month of March was odd. It started with a 3-0 romp of Man City just days after losing to them in The Capital One Cup Final in penalties. The month ended with Martin Skrtel’s blunder and a subsequent 3-2 loss to Southampton.

The first 20 days of April the Liverbird climbed out of the ashes with a 1-1 draw to Tottenham Hotspur on April 2nd. Following a 4-1 victory over Stoke, The Reds went on to beat Borussia Dortmund in the second Leg of the Europa League in historic fashion; scoring four goals in the second half. Two of those goals came from often criticized defenders Sakho and Lovren.

Propelled by the clutch scoring by Divock Origi (6 Goals in April)  as well  as the emergence of Dejan Lovren and Mamadou Sakho as competent defenders it seemed the tides were changing. The waters were flowing back into the River Mersey with Phillip Coutinho rowing a boat and a healthy Daniel Sturridge smiling at him holding a parasol sipping on sweet tea in the stern.

On Wednesday, April 20th LFC walked into Anfield against Everton with a swagger and confidence that would have made Prince purr (RIP).

Did Prince like Soccer?

Everton had no answer for the big man Origi and he scores his 6th goal in the 43′ and is quickly  stomped into a season ending injury in the 50’…

The entire Liverpool squad sees red (including myself) and Sturridge and Coutinho put up two more goals. Liverpool takes the Merseyside Derby in a dominant fashion!

So the dust settles. Everyone is trying to figure out how LFC can win Europa League without Origi. It is not impossible and the heart rate starts to normalize.

Then Sakho, who has scored in the last two games, goes under investigation for doping and is removed from the roster. To make matters worse he is suspected of taking fat burning pills like Kirstie Alley before the day-time Emmy awards ceremony.

Now Martin Skrtel is back in consideration and he has decided to do the “Reverse Britney Spears” and grow his hair back.

 “So what you want to do is start with a little shampoo using tepid water, then condition twice and massage in some vitamin B oil while drying”

On April 28th Liverpool blow a chance to draw in the 1st leg of The Europa league as Villareal’s Adrian Lopez scores a winner in stoppage time.

Using the latest HotFooty proprietary software I managed to chart my emotions during all of this drama on a graph.

Liverpool in April

Liverpool played in 8 matches in the month of April and the club is surely not used to playing this many games late in the season. So, it is to be expected that people would question the fitness and stamina going into May.

However, it has been very apparent that Klopp has improved the fitness level of this squad as they seem to accelerate in the second half. Note that half of Liverpool’s 18 goals in April were scored in the second half.

So, this leaves two big questions:

1) What happened against Swansea?

Liverpool did not put out their strongest side and they let up their 10th goal off of a corner kick. They are only second to Swansea City in that regard…abysmal.


Martin Skrtel was named the the captain of the youth squad today and he did as good of a job as George Clooney’s character in perfect storm.

The Liverpool youth drowned in the Welsh rain and Brad Smith’s red card in the 76′ were the cement boots.

Liverpool put 3 of 11 shots on net to Swansea’s 9 of 18.

It has been a long April for the Liverpool starters and today game gave them some much needed rest before the Leg 2 Europa league clash.

2) Can LFC turn it around and  beat Villareal in the 2nd Leg of the Europa League Semi Final?

Sure, why not? Villareal now has to visit Anfield with a bunch of supporters screaming at them. The scousers can smell Champions League and Anfield will shake and rumble. Borussia Dortmund are still waking up in a cold sweat thinking about YNWA being sung by 46,000 supporters.

Liverpool held the Spanish side scoreless for 99% of Leg 1 and they just need to score some goals…simple as that.

Liverpool faces Villareal at Anfield Thursday, May 5th at 305pm EST.




I am sick people being excited about Origi’s potential return to the Euros…

“It’s ok though, he will be back for the Euros…the Euros”. Why would I care about him playing for Belgium in the Euros? Whose talking about the Euros? Someone trading currency? I want champions league! Talking about Euros….Really? Euros…Euros man. Im sitting here talking about Champions League…you’re talking to me about Euros?