Sunday, November 6, 2016 will go down in HotFooty history as “Smashing Sunday”.

The World Series is over (congrats Cubs) and my Patriots are on a BYE week.

Join us all day as we attempt the longest “slow buzz” attempted in our 30’s while watching a full slate of exciting soccer. 7 games, 2 leagues,  3 guys, 3 cups, 3 lithium ions. Get your bets in now for Team HotFooty versus iPhone battery life…

7am : Arsenal vs. Tottenham – Breakfast with the Boys

Join us live on Facebook  while we shake off the Saturday Night Cocktails and rub the sleep from our eyes. Hoff is coming home from Newport, RI so fully expect the feed to be full of smack behind his back and to his face…book.

9:15am: Liverpool vs. Watford

Join us live on Facebook  as we make some Bloody Mary’s and watch the Liverpool train continue on down the tracks. Denzel and Chris Pine can’t even stop these guys.

10am: Manchester United vs. Swansea City

Danny and Dice will be at Astoria Tavern to settle into a fine pint of Guinness. If you find us say HotFooty and we will buy you a pint and maybe you will get some socks, who knows?

2pm: Colorado Rapids vs LA Galaxy 2nd Leg (Agg 0-1)

Back to the couch?  @DannyHotFooty & @HotFootyDice will be live tweeting for as long as we can stay awake. #TeamDoyle

4pm: New York Red Bulls vs. Montreal Impact 2nd leg (Agg 0-1)

We may be at bar outside Yankee Stadium, we maybe be tailgating…we may be on the couch. It’s a battle between us, inebriation and the New York Marathon on this one. We’re also available for last minute pickups for any Montreal players that get lost underneath baggage claim at Newark airport.

6pm: HotFooty Attending Live – NYCFC vs. Toronto FC 2nd Leg (Agg 0-2)

 Swarm! Swarm! Swarm! #NoGioNo

We will be at a bar around Yankee Stadium TBD. Follow along @HotFootyDice @DannyHotFooty @HotFootyNews.

9pm: FC Dallas vs Seattle 2nd Leg (Agg 0-3)

@HotFootyNews@DannyHotFooty  will all be live tweeting this game barring a post game celebration that gets out of hand in the Bronx.