What a season it was for our first full year of coverage of MLS. Would have been nice if someone mentioned it has a time to completion rivaled only by Dirk Diggler. These posts are a recap of the HotFooty Top 5 HotFooty MLS Moments. Here is #4:

HotFooty Moment #4

As with any season in any sport there was a lot going on the first weekend. Spirits were high, expectations were somewhere between ‘you know what, i really dont know’ and ‘ya sure why not’. And if we’ve learned one thing this season from the MLS its that its impossible to pin down this league. One minute we’ve got guys rocketing in free kicks from 35 yards and the next we’re delaying playoff games because the lines were painted in the wrong spots. But I digress..in all of the first weekend’s madness we were able to come away with one piece of the pie that didn’t change nor did it get eaten. And that is the wondrous play of NYCFC’s Frederic Brilliant. I mean talk about calling your shot this was some all time spade recognition. Here are the HotFooty moments:


Sweet Mary…

Holy Joseph…


“City backs were all abysmal and we need to touch on Frederic Brillant one last time. I know I tore this kid up in a post already but, oh my god! NYC picked him up from K.V. Oostende in Belgium’s Jupiler League. Listen I have been to Belgium 18 times. I have watched many games in this league.  If you are not Club Brugge or Anderlecht it can get ugly out there. I have never seen anything like this defensive performance. Chicago almost seemed to know that if you pressed him he would collapse like those fainting goats.”


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