What a season it was for our first full year of coverage of MLS. Would have been nice if someone mentioned that it takes longer to die down than a bruise from a Nigel De Jong slide tackle. These posts are a recap of the HotFooty Top 5 HotFooty MLS Moments. Here is #5 :

HotFooty Moment #5

HotFooty’s Coverage of MLS announcers headlined by the ball of nitroglycerin Ramses V. Sandoval (we think). It took awhile to find out who this mystery man is but we’re pretty sure we found him here are some of our highlights:

“The bell of the ball. Classic case of peaking early but committing to leaving it all out on the field. You simply will not hear a more emphatic “POST” in your time on this earth.”


“We do usually focus on the guy bursting his pipes in these videos but I really want to shift to the guy sitting next to him. What do you do? There’s no defense here. You can’t hold any open container of liquid in your hand. You have to constantly be on the look out for a possible post or strong header, or whiff of scoring chance because your partner is about to scream his incisors out. Then an actual goal happens and a grown man, seemingly civil and adjusted to society, will now summon the inner banshee and you just have to sit there and take it.”

“You get the feeling someone had to tap this guy on the shoulder after this goal and say ok man, we’re good.”


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