What a season it was for our first full year of coverage of MLS. Make no mistake about it this league is absolutely nuts but nuts in a way that you love and can’t turn away not nuts in a I’m wearing a dress made of meat way. These posts are a recap of the HotFooty Top 5 HotFooty MLS Moments. Here is #3:

HotFooty Moment #3

We now turn to one of the most captivating players in the MLS for the #3 HotFooty moment of the HotFooty MLS coverage of the 2016 season (which as of this writing is still not done). Sacha Kljestan. The guy with a name so hard to spell not even a Bushwick playwright would use it for their child’s name. The man who gave you the peace of mind of no longer having to ask who is going to take in your cats if you decide you must part ways with them. A guy who you can very easily envision using the phrase “just because I rock doesn’t mean I’m made of stone”. When it comes down to it after Hoff led off his Sacha blog with this quote it was a lock to make waves in this countdown:


Have you ever wondered what Messi would look like if he worked in a baguette cooperative in Williamsburg, Brooklyn? Ever been curious what Landon Donovan would look like if he took a unicycle to work as a pickle designer at a certified organic coleslaw dispensary? LOOK NO FURTHER:”

And another highlight from the blog:

“Defining Physical Features: Do we really even have to go there? It’s not so much a feature as a look. His look says “If a french cartoonist attended SXSW, this is what he’d draw.” Or is it more “I don’t support big chain grocery stores, would you like to try my roasted eggplant ice cream?” Either way, it’s a look for the ages and his headlined by his “never-say-never” mustache which even Zlatan himself has taken wind of (which we’ll get to later).”

Here is a link to the full blog: