What a season it was for our first full year of coverage of MLS. These posts are a recap of the HotFooty Top 5 HotFooty MLS Moments. Here is #1:

HotFooty Moment #1

It has all come down to this. HotFooty’s top moment of the 2016 MLS season has it all; shock, awe, irony, comedy, commiseration. The madness, confusion and imprecision of the entire season boiled into one misshapen penalty box. Some say Montreal was taking tips from Arsene Wenger’s strategy team whose dream it has always been to decrease the dimensions of the penalty area so guys like Nacho Monreal have less room to dive across attackers legs and give away penalties. We’ll probably never know what exactly went on there but if we know anything about the French Canadians they’ll get to the bottom of it.

The refs were the one’s that alerted the field crew to the dirty dimensions. So they saw something no one else did, then raised a red flag. Keeping true to MLS 2016 season form. Now, without freddy adu here are the highlights from HotFooty’s #1 HotFooty MLS moment of the year:

“We all saw what happened last night with the Montreal penalty area. You would think a country so well versed in territories would handle geographical land drawings with aplomb. This whole event actually reminded me of a recent HotFooty situation of a last minute trip to Hawaii we dubbed the Hawaii scramble. When the referees first noticed the measurement mishap what we witnessed live on television was an all hands on deck, anyone with painting, counting, or straight line experience report to the field immediately. It was a cast of characters that descended onto the field to finish the job of measure once and paint twice. Naturally a couple of them caught my eye:”

  •  Actual man painting the lines – talk about high pressure situation. This was the dad driving down the highway with the arm on top of the mattress on top of the car. Pure heroics and no one was really sure he could do it. He wasn’t sure he could do it. Never been in a high pressure paint situation like that before. Yea there was a rope guiding his way but you know who else had navigation showing him the direction? The captain of the titanic. highpressurepaintguy


Here is the Facebook Live video as it all happened:

What the hell is happening? They measured the field wrong in Montreal!!!!!! Major League Soccer (MLS) #mlscupplayoffs

Posted by HotFooty on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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