MLS’s Andrew Wiebe published an article yesterday,  “Your 2017 MLS Bucket List.” I don’t do well with being told what to do. He should have titled it “My 2017 MLS Bucket List.”

Wiebe suggested visiting all three “Cascadia Clubs” during the summer. People who follow our podcast know I am a travel bug and love the finer things in life like Cochon de Lait with a nice Belgian Triple Ale. He is correct, I would be very excited to go on this trip. I would go great lengths to make family and friends jealous of it on Facebook.

Strolling through Vancouver, Seattle and Portland watching MLS matches along the way for a week would result in 20 pounds gained,bankruptcy and tweaking out on coffee. I just don’t have a trip like that in the cards this year. I just booked a week in Sedona, AZ because I need to live out my Westworld dream…but I digress.

So, this forced me to be a little more budget conscious with MY HotFooty 2017 MLS Bucket list.

Drink Rum and Cokes with RJ Allen at Stan’s Sports Bar and ruffle some feathers

This is the most realistic bucket list activity. We know RJ is a Jersey boy and probably has consumed a car bomb using plastic cups and shot glasses. He also doesn’t mind breaking the balls of opposing teams. Could make for an interesting night.


Go on a hike with Jordan Morris and his dogs

Grab the leashes and watch the dogs freakout for a stroll with Jordan and Danny through Seattle’s Westcrest Park. We could grab some Iced Coffee’s  and chat about the potential of him being the future scoring threat of USMNT. We could go to a dog-friendly outdoor patio situation and tell the ladies our dogs names. Then I would tell them I am married and then they would say, “Who are you?” Then I would leave.


Take the Chicago Architecture Boat Cruise with Dax McCarty

You can’t visit Chicago without going on the boat tour coordinated by the Chicago Architecture Foundation. The views are beautiful and you can gaze up into the sky without being run over by a car or fellow pedestrians for short money.

Below is a picture of Dax doing his impression of the Sears Tower so, I think we would have fun. Maybe grab a cocktail at Aviary afterward.

Take a bread making class with Sebastian Giovinco

Sebastian Giovinco knows how to stir it up. When the hipster baker teaching the class gives a tip that flies in the face of a family recipe he will probably ignore it. He is the Chef de Cuisine of MLS and I would probably agree with anything he suggested.

We need to add roasted red peppers? To a baguette? Ok.

He would then volley a red pepper perfectly into a my standing mixer.

Have a scotch and a cigar with Taylor Twellman

This is obviously something Twellman enjoys because he often makes reference to it as the post-game choice of many players. Most notably when Pirlo left the All-Star game early.

We all know Pirlo’s post-game relaxation involves a glass of Barolo and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano over Culatello with delicate dollops of the finest balsamic.

But hey, when you’re the number one soccer analyst in America it’s all cigars and scotch whiskey I suppose and I can get down with it. I’ll bring the cigars. Twellman, you can bring the Lagavulin 37 with that analyst scratch you’re making.

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P.S. When I read the MLS article my first reaction to visiting two “Cascadia Clubs” was seeing Cascada at a club.