BungGate: full discussion of England manager Sam Allardyce controversy.

Livin La En Vivo LocoThe NYCFC game over the weekend got the En Vivo announcer treatment and we need to get to the bottom of who the hell this guy is. If the ball comes within 10 feet of the goal it is GO TIME for En Vivo guy. Need to know more about him.

Blockbuster Video/Atlanta United: Hoff talks about his tenure at Blockbuster seemingly unaware of the fact they’ve gone out of business. This seamlessly transitioned into the Atlanta United hiring the ex-Argentina manager.

HotFooty MLS Relegation: We rename the 3 teams that have been in the bottom of the HotFooty power rankings all season: Chicago Fire, Houston Dynamo, and Columbus Crew

More EPL Talk:

Jamie Vardy pre-match routine: 3 red bulls, double espresso, ham and cheese omelette with beans.

Mesut Ozil Musk talk: we came across this video taken during Arsenal’s last match