As many probably know last night there was a spray paint aficionados gathering in Montreal and an MLS playoff game broke out. Yes, there was a game played between the Montreal Impact and Toronto FC. Much more happened though. And we did an in depth investigation into the Montreal Measurement Mishap of 2016 and we are confident we’ve found the guilty party.

The timeline of events is a bit muddy but here are the facts as we know them:

  • Having been caught off guard at their own successful playoff run Montreal made the decision to switch the game to the “Olympic Stadium”, also known as The Big O. Lot of Big O jokes there but no time for them.
  • There was some preparation done at the stadium for the game
  • At some point field lines were drawn and the grounds crew was seen high fiving and whooping at a job, well, done
  • HotFooty turns the tv on to ESPN
  • HotFooty looks to the tv guide to see if ESPN channel has changed to HGTV
  • Utter bedlam ensues, facebook live and pictures are being snapped at high pace
  • A culprit is found:

Montreal Impact Toronto FC