Hoof Notes: USA v. Iceland

January 30th, 2016 International Friendly:

USA 3 – 2 Iceland

  1. To put it in cheese terms, the second half defense was swiss, 1st half was a slightly upgraded crumbled bleu cheese
  2. As Taylor Twellman reported, Jozy Altidore has dropped some weight and it showed. Jozy was running lean like an unoccupied rickshaw
  3. The pressure the USMNT put on in the late stages of the game is something they’re able to rely on in these games with their depth of squad and superior fitness ability.
  4. Michael Bradley continues to have the edge required to pounce on opportunities to rescue the rest of the team
  5. Excited for: evolution of our wing play, namely Kiesewetter (yes we will call him Kitsmiller)
  6. Couple of highlights from the live tweeting: