Hoof Notes: Manchester United v. Chelsea Round 25

February 7th, 2016 Premier League

Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea

  1. Commentator Arlo White was quoted pre-match saying this is a match that “demanded a 3 man booth”. Arlo White: also a fan of unlimited breadsticks from Olive Garden and using the fine Sunday family dinner china for taco Tuesday. 3 man booth comment or not, a sensational head of hair and my love for hearing him speak of the ball nestling into the net keep him in high standing in my book.
  2. This game was a lot like an episode of SNL with a lot of weird skits of Ronda Rousey walking around a zoo (re: most of the opening 30 mins of the first half for Chelsea and the final 30 mins of the second half for United), a handful of celebrity jeopardy’s (re: Mata once again treating the middle of the park like his own ring in Pamplona, the rare sight of composure from Fellaini, the brilliant 1v1 play from Martial, and the effective and infuriating character that is Diego Costa) but one brilliant moment where Martin Short is making Bill Hader break his OBGYN character talking about the Duchess’ “downton abbey” (re: see the video below, a majestic moment from Jesse Lingard)
  3. David De Gea is almost at the level where you start taking for granted the saves he makes on a regular basis. There’s nothing regular or normal about what he is able to do. The “3 man booth” was debating his spot at #1 in the world during the game. This is a no contest for me. He’s got a face like a 2×4 and a set of reflexes that would make a house cat test out that 10th life. David, I love you.
  4. Outcome of Manchester United v. Chelsea Round 25 was a draw and a serious blow to Manchester United’s already slim chances of securing a coveted top 4 position. They are going to need an all time home stretch implosion by the teams above them (staring directly at your face Leicester/Tottenham).