The United States of America was born today in 1776, and to celebrate that fact, the MLS Transfer Season of the Summer (TSS) has kicked off. Starting today and lasting until August 3rd, MLS Teams will be able to sign international transfers or make trades with other squads.

After August 3rd, the MLS allows teams to trade players for picks/allocation money or simply to fill an empty roster spot. but they can swap player for player or do international signings only during this transfer window. Final rosters are submitted to the MLS board of Rosterfication on September 15th and then they cannot be changed until the end of the year. In case you were wondering, the board of Rosterfication is made up, but I’m sure some group of old dudes sits around and tries to pronounce names for a few hours. Either way, the squads need to be settled by September 15th.

So what does this mean to your team? Probably that you’ll see a few faces leave and a few dudes from foreign lands arrive by wooden ship to the harbors of your great city bringing with them vermin and disease and scissor kicks. Here’s a couple of story lines to watch for this window and the more HotFooty “Hoofs” it gets the more likely we think it is to happen.

NYCFC are somehow in first place in the east, and Mix Diskerud isn’t even on the bench.  8 Hoofs

New guy coach, Patrick Vieira, has brought a new brand of footy and a beautifully round head to the shores of the Hudson River in New York. Along with that, has come mix Diskerud’s worst nightmares, not even making the bench for the most recent NYC Derby. This seems like a final torpedo in the sinking ship that is Mix’s MLS career, and I’d be shocked if we didn’t see him moved somewhere during this time, perhaps even out of the league altogether.


USMNT’s Steve Birnbaum might leave for Israel, or somewhere, but Ben Olsen is being coy. 3 Hoofs.

DC United was reportedly offered a lowball fee for Steve Birndbaum by two Israseli clubs, Haifa and Tel Aviv. When confronted with rumors of Steve’s impending departure, here’s how DC United coach (Steve’s current squad) responded: “I don’t get caught up in that stuff, because there’s a story every week about someone else going somewhere,” he said. “That’s not my concern, and I don’t think it’s Steve’s major concern right now, either.” Sounds like a coach trying not to freak out his fanbase, but this is a pretty standard practice in international transfers for clubs or agents to make unfounded statements for some alterier intention. Hard to tell what’s going on here, but we have a gut feeling Steve is not going to Israel.

Gyasi Zardes moving to Turkey? Is his haircut allowed there? 2 Hoofs.

Turkey is a beautiful place and Gyasi Zardes’ non-traditional haircut may not be allowed in the country, but nevertheless there are rumors that Zardes could find himself playing for Turkish powerhouse Galatasaray come August. The team reportedly had interest in him in May, and he didn’t embarrass himself during Copa, though I can’t say it bolstered his resume too much, so it’s possible he could make the move. I doubt Bruce Arena would let him go, but the coaches don’t have a ton of say in these matters if the offers are good enough.

Sounders want to be livin’ la vida Boca (Juniors) and sign Uruguayan international Nicolás Lodeiro. Or is it Sebastion Blanco? 75 Hoofs that they get someone because they are desperate.

Lodeiro, an attacking midfielder, would be a huge signing for the Seattle Sounders who really need someone to fill the gap O. Martins left when he departed for China in the offseason. He plays on the Uruguayan national team and has had a stellar couple of years down in Argentina for club Boca Juniors. Seattle has worked on getting this guy before but the rumors from Argentina are that the club has Ok’d him getting signed to the MLS. Let’s see what happens but this could be a good one. There’s been speculation that Boca are asking too much for him, in that case we could see Sebastion Blanco, another rumored target who plays for Argentina’s San Lorenzo, make his way into the Seattle lineup.