This is a post where I grade the Hoff’s MLS Weekend Preview. The post is a wonderfully put together medley of sporting preview and Hoff sass. However, like all players at the top of their game they must be subjected to criticism to maintain intellectual honesty and hold up the integrity of these HotFooty airwaves. Without freddy adu, here is that criticism:

Game 1: NYCFC v. LA Galaxy
First things first Hoff included some highly questionable parentheses text in the heading to this game’s preview. This was typed out on our blog “(National coverage holy bean dip!)”. What am I supposed to do with this?

Moving onto the game prediction it could not be more wrong. A score prediction of 3-2 Galaxy was 4 goals more than were actually scored and of course NYCFC won the game. If not for a non offsides call on the Villa goal we would have seen zero goals. Granted on the ping pong table sized field behind second base the chances of this are almost zero but we’re calling a spade a spade here.

Only thing keeping this from an F was the Pirlo into Pinot line.

Final Grade: D+

Game 2: Philadelphia Union v. Toronto FC
Somewhat understandably Hoff starts this one out enacting the MLS Unpredictability clause apparently written into the league’s bylaws. For Toronto I don’t quite buy into this at the moment but for Philly fully. They’re a roller coaster ride where your legs are dangling and your harness has a latch problem. I want to also quickly point out that a lot of credit was being given to Bedoya in the preview. We have a few recent data points on him from the Copa America in the form of official HotFooty player ratings, here they are:

USA loss to Colombia
“Alejandro Bedoya: on the field about 86 minutes too long.”

USA win over Costa Rica
“Alejandro Bedoya: I honestly have no idea”

As for the result the prediction was 2-1 to Philadelphia. Toronto won 3-1 and Seba and Jozy were lights out.

I’m get the volatility of Philly factoring in but the wholesale discounting of Gio out there pains me

Final Grade: C-

Game 3: Seattle Sounders v. Portland Timbers
When it’s all said and done they’ll be writing about the goal scoring prowess of David Villa and Sebastian Giovinco, the midfield wizardry of Pirlo and Jermaine Jones, the ’98 away record of the LA Galaxy and the night Hoff called the Sounders v. Timbers game final score dead on at 3-1. What a display of groundbreaking forecasting prowess in a league where the noise outnumbers the signal 10 fold. With only a single goal scored heading into the 80th minute there may have been a moment of minuscule doubt creeping into the psyche of Hoff but he needn’t have worried for this is the MLS. 3 goals scored in the final 10 minutes and off he rode into the prediction sunset.

Final Grade: A+