Some are dubbing it “The Instagrannouncement” while others are screaming into their wrestling buddies style Frank Lampard pillow in sorrow. Opinion was always divided over Mr Lampard. Frank was like NYCFC’s naughty angel, simultaneously giving less effort than required in the eyes of a new fan base while majestically whooshing them into a miracle top 2 spot in the Eastern conference in their second season.

Here is some explanation for the difference of opinion for Franky Lampard:

There was a time during this most recent season where the prevailing sentiment toward Frank was that he was doing anything possible to not get onto the field for NYCFC. Some who had never seen him before claimed he looked out of shape and on his first appearance of the season in May gave him a jolly good boo’ing. Patrick Vieira was clearly one of these haters as he trotted Lampard out for this first appearance at home with NYCFC down 5-0 to the Red Bulls. The world hasn’t seen such an involuntary mea culpa since Naz from The Night Of broke down in the courtroom.

Its hard to know exactly what made Frank so lovable. It may have been the accent, his willingness to play in a midfield 3 on a field that can hold 2, his strict no biscuit left behind policy, the innocence evoked by the level to which he believed in ghosts. Perhaps it was the fact that Frank never believed in doing things the traditional way. He was a paunch believer in getting the job done by any means possible, including scoring with his outer tibia, his right upper thorax, and the trusty double deflection looping perfectly over the goalie’s head from an attempted cross.

What now for Frank?

We here at HotFooty have been very vocal of our support for Frank and on his transition to layman status. We’ll leave him with this:



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