We all saw what happened last night with the Montreal penalty area. You would think a country so well versed in territories would handle geographical land drawings with aplomb. This whole event actually reminded me of a recent HotFooty situation of a last minute trip to Hawaii we dubbed the Hawaii scramble. When the referees first noticed the measurement mishap what we witnessed live on television was an all hands on deck, anyone with painting, counting, or straight line experience report to the field immediately. It was a cast of characters that descended onto the field to finish the job of measure once and paint twice. Naturally a couple of them caught my eye:

  • Fake Credentials Guy – who let the guy still wearing his tag from his Montreal Impact jersey onto the field? if you look closely he’s a size XS and when you’re crunched for time on a last minute field painting you need at least a XL guy. Montreal Impact Penalty Area



  • Guy in white shirt overseeing the operation – classic guy whispering “measure twice cut once” stance. He will write that exact phrase on very white board, chalk board, post-it note he can get his hands on and turn it into a philosophy for how the internal politics of the Montreal grounds crew staff is run. Montreal Impact Penalty Area
  • Actual man painting the lines – talk about high pressure situation. This was the dad driving down the highway with the arm on top of the mattress on top of the car. Pure heroics and no one was really sure he could do it. He wasn’t sure he could do it. Never been in a high pressure paint situation like that before. Yea there was a rope guiding his way but you know who else had navigation showing him the direction? The captain of the titanic. highpressurepaintguy