The FA Cup 5th Round Draw was held today. Getting right to the point it was an all around success. The games will be played between February 17-20th and the 8 match-ups are:

  • Burnley v Lincoln City
  • Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur
  • Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United
  • Sutton United v Arsenal
  • Middlesbrough v. Oxford United
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers v Chelsea
  • Huddersfield Town v Manchester City
  • Millwall v Derby County/Leicester City

What we have here are Totthenham, MUFC, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City all playing away to non premier league teams with by far the most intriguing game being Sutton United v Arsenal. Here are a couple of quick facts about Sutton United:

  1. Their stadium holds 5,013 of which only 765 are seated (??).
  2. They were founded in 1898.
  3. Sutton United play in the “England National League” which is the 5th best league in England. And they are in 16th place in this league. They are currently slightly edged out in that league by Solihuil Moors, 37  points to 36 points.
  4. If you’re wondering hey do they have a website, the answer is yes but when you visit you may immediately have the impulse to X out the tab mistaking it for a 1998 Alta Vista search results page:
  5. Here’s a quick look at their stadium:FA Cup 5th Round

Very rarely do we get to see this type of a match up. A team in Arsenal prepping for a second half of season run at the title that now has to make a decision on who to play against Sutton United. Can they possibly risk running out The Lost Boys and losing to an England National League side? Several questions also remain about the accommodations:

  • Where is Mesut Ozil going to do his hair?
  • Does this stadium even have a proper facility to care for Alexis Sanchez’s full grown yellow labradors during the game?
  • I believe Arsene Wenger’s touchline ban will still be in place for this game. Where does that put him? Do you think he’s ever been that close to a meat pie concession stand before?

I was 75% sure this game was going to be appointment television when I started writing this now I am 1000% positive.