Tim Howard made his debut for the Colorado Rapids on the 4th of July. An American hero deployed for an American celebration for America’s team (talk amongst yourselves, discuss). The game against Portland ended in a 0-0 draw and Tim was called into action a few times. You got to see all sides of Tim in this one, including the often overlooked, but crucial, intangibles. Ask yourself if you’re on a breakaway and you see a maniac in goal with legendary status who is blatantly flouting societal conventions with a reverse hair style none on top plenty on chin, do you think you’ll be able to concentrate on putting your best shot forward? That’s what we call an intangible.

List of Intangibles Displayed By Tim Howard:

Assertiveness In Distribution and Assertiveness in General Hand Motioning


Unbridled Intimidation and Assertiveness in General Hand Motioning


This one is admittedly a bit more tangible than intangible but too good to exclude