February 13, Week 26

West Bromich Albion 1 – 0 Everton

  • The lone goal comes off of a Jonas Olsson flick that rolled off of José Salomón Rondón’s chest like a tomato chunk when I am trying to drive and eat a hot slice. It was probably going in. But he chose to steal the credit Dirk Kuyt style.
  • In the second half Barry and Barkley were peppering the net like they were preparing a beef tenderloin for a new Food Network show “Chaps with Chops.” West Brom’s defense was holding on for dear life as they were left to watch each near miss with their cheeks clenched.
  • A few times in the 2nd half West Brom would show that they were still alive with an attack in transition a la Leicester  but did nothing with the opportunity…because they are indeed not Leicester.
  • Lukaku executes a give and go cupcake for Ross Barkley that is somewhere between Pluto and Uranus right now and should have been an equalizer.
  • Everton had 76% possession,34 shots and 14 corners. On the other hand West Brom had 24% possession, 5 shots  and 1 corner. Unfortunately in soccer you determine winners and losers by the difference in goals.

 Do you need to put your body on this ball if you end up in the net like a clumsy harbor dolphin swimming towards the Tuna boat?