Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster for me. I got in at 3am after checking out a new cocktail bar in Queens (you probably never heard of it). I woke up at 7am to watch Arsenal draw Tottenham and then enjoyed Liverpool’s destruction of Watford like a giddy school boy. The day of English Soccer ended with Liverpool on top of the Premier League Table!

Full of joy and hope I got into the car with Dice,Hoff and my wife and departed for Yankee Stadium…

I dropped like a sack of stones once I crossed the Tri-Boro bridge.  It took me an hour to complete a trip that usually takes me 15 minutes (thank you New York Marathon). We stood in line at two gates only to have them shut down and told proceed to gate GFY.

Long story short I went in, I ordered a Stella and a chicken bucket and watched NYCFC get spanked instantly and knocked out of the MLS Cup Playoffs. Not for one fleeting second after Toronto scored its first goal in the 6th minute did I feel any shred of hope.

So, I’m keeping it simple for #EnglishMascotMonday today. I just want a friendly face to make me smile. I am  emotionally incapable of working with a Captain Cod today, so meet…

Whaddney the Robin

Team: Cheltenham Town F.C. (est. 1887)
Town: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire,England
Home: Whaddon Road  (capacity 7,066)
League: English League 2
Current Position: 16th place (as of 11/7/16)
Key Features: Pert Yellow Beak, Fuzzy Orange Crown and Eyes full of wonderment.

What a breath of fresh air Whaddney is. He is full of hope and joy. Two things that were sucked out of my spirit when Pirlo walked off to a half empty stadium yesterday.

Whaddney is like the friend in your group who always has a smile on his face. Is he the funniest friend? No. Does he get in the scrum and break balls with you? No. You try to get him stirred up, but he just keeps smiling and laughing because he wants you to be happy.


You remove Whaddney from the group something just feels off. He’s like a pinch of cinnamon in your rice pudding. Take it out and all your left with is a sloppy bland mess.


Cheltenham (also known as Cheltenham Spa) is recognized in England as an Area of  Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Well no shit! No wonder why Whaddney is so happy. He is living in an avian paradise!

The football is not always as pretty as morning dew settling on the rolling hills, but they did win the 2015-2016 National League title…



P.S. Every time I tried to google search Whaddney the Robin I got “Did you mean: Whittney Houston Robyn” which was the singers alleged lover.


Then I go to twitter and see his Twitter account is being dealt away like some third rate rate circus prop.

I will not stand for this. English Mascot Monday will save you Whaddney. I got you! I got you.

HotFooty’s #EnglishMascotMonday: Introducing the U.S.A to the great English Soccer Mascots!