Ok Huddersfield Town, you have my attention. I get it…you want to be on #EnglishMascotMonday.

I am on vacation with my entire family for the first time in 20 years and I was going to take a Monday off, but you have made it impossible.

Despite a Football League Cup loss to Shrewsbury they remain unbeaten in The Championship. They beat promotion favorites Newcastle and drew Aston Villa.

What K-9 mascot could possibly inspire such a winning spirit?

Terry The Terrier

Terry the Terrier Huddersfield Town

Team: Huddersfield Town A.F.C

Town: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England

Home: John Smith’s Stadium (24,500)

League: English League Championship

Current Position 2016/17: 1st Place (finished in 19th place 2015/2016)

Key Features: Shaggy Face, Pert Ears and Vulnerable Eyes

As I am writing this post my nephew and niece are legitimately shoving Shopkins in my face and I am growing impatient as “Dippy Avocado” has been shoved up my left nostril.

Terry’s face is primped to perfection like he works part time at the Westminster Kennel Club. He is a bit of a dandy. He seems more cut out for Arsenal because he is definitely using pomade on his face wisps.

If he and Beau Brummie were going out to a club…Beau is Terry’s wingman.

I just had “Tommy Ketchup” just shoved into my ear so I am going to let this video explain Terry’s whole look:

HotFooty’s #EnglishMascotMonday: Introducing the U.S.A to the great English Soccer Mascots!