I just spent two nights camping in the hills of Cooperstown,NY outside of Ommegang Brewery for a Belgian Beer Festival. FYI I am not much of a camping guy. So, while everyone else whipped out cast-iron skillets to make bacon and eggs in the morning. I strolled into town for modern-day plumbing and drunk brunch.

I settled down to a restaurant on the waters edge over looking the glimmering Otsego Lake and ordered myself a Bloody Mary that was garnished with a shrimp…now thats camping.

Much like the supporters of Southend United I love being on the water and I love shrimp. That being said, let me introduce to you…

Sammy The Shrimp

Sammy the Shrimp Southend United

Team: Southend United

Town: Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England

Home: Roots Hall (12,392)

League: English League 1

Final Position 2015/16: 15th Place

Key Features: Human skin, Head like an appendix, eyes askew and a smile that makes you question the level of his intelligence.

I am just going to come out and say it…Sammy is off. That is a smile of a world class Goofball right there. Lucky for Sammy when you are the literal embodiment of the town’s favorite crustacean it doesn’t matter.

The people of Southend love their shrimp; they refer to their club as “The Shrimpers” and Sammy even has a snack bar named after him in Roots Hall called “Sammy’s Snack Shack”.

He is often accompanied by his pal Elvis the Eel, who I believe is the George to Sammy’s Lennie (Of Mice and Men Reference).  But we will dig into Elvis another day. Hopefully Southend can catch the incoming tide to the top of the table and be newsworthy enough to earn another highlight on #EnglishMascotMonday.

Southend United sponsor a shrimp off!

To the people of Southend-on-Sea…I will out shrimp you morning, noon and night!  I am from the country of Bubba Gump. The United States of America invented shrimp. I know for a fact the reason why the English took to the ocean to form the American Colonies was in search of proper shrimp. It’s in the Declaration of Independence.

“We the people of these United States deserve a world where a man can properly extract the fleshy sweetness of a shrimp and suck the brains from it’s head without judgment. An intended right that was given to us by our creator. Pass the cocktail sauce” – Thomas Jefferson

I want an invite to this so called “Shrimp Off.” Someone just has to pay for the flight and hotel…because we don’t have the money to fly to Columbus,Ohio right now for a Crew game.

It's really a crab claw but I am trying to intimidate Southend United

It’s really a crab claw but I am trying to intimidate Southend United

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