As I was watching the knife fight that was the Manchester Derby on Saturday I got to wondering about the other clubs located in the Greater Manchester Area. What poor souls are forced to play in the shadows of such behemoth clubs like Manchester City and United?

Surely the mascot of a lesser Manchester club would be a jaded, cynical and unkempt grump right?

Wrong! Not this little guy:


Robbie the Bobbie

Team: Bury F.C. (Founded in 1885)

Town: Bury, Greater Manchester, England

Home: Gigg Lane (capacity: 11,840)

League: English League 1

Current Position 2016/17: 7th place

Key Features: No lips, button nose, and possible acute case of rosacea

I am not going to piss on your shoes and tell you it’s raining…usually when I start researching these mascots the material just presents itself and everything flows. This was not the case with Robbie Bobbie.

Robbie may be the least liked mascot in England. Not many selfies from the fans. Literally nothing on YouTube from fans. One of two fan comments about him on twitter (both date back to 2015) is an insult…

As my research continued I started feeling bad for little Robbie. This poor ignoramus continues smiling despite the lack of support from his League 1 club and it literally crushes me.

I could not give up…feverishly I continued to dig for something about him that would make you remember him other than his stupid face and I stumbled on this fact…

He got the piss beat out of him by Bartley the Bluebird of Cardiff City (don’t skip this article)!

When asked about the incident Robbie the Bobbie (played by 20 year old Jonathan Pollard) said , “It wasn’t my fault- I was just having a bit of a laugh when I was thumped in the face.”

If I watched slideshow of Robbie the Bobbie set to Sarah McLachlan’s Arm of an Angel I think I would hurl myself off Trinity Bridge in Manchester.

I am not an outspoken “anti-bullying” advocate. I have been on both sides of that coin, but after learning about Robbie I may need to rethink my position. He is basically that kid in school that wears the jersey of his favorite team EVERY DAY as he eats his perfectly packed lunch prepared by his mom. Poor Robbie the Bobbie. He doesn’t stand a chance.

However he did throw punches back at Bartley…big life lesson there. Stand up for yourself. Don’t sit in your basement listening to Smashing Pumpkins and creeping people out in the hall. Pick yourself up and do what makes you happy. Don’t give up, press on and go to a Bury match!

Bobbie’s were the name of the first Metropolitan police founded in 1829 by Robert Peele. Hence Robbie the Bobbie.

Robbie the Bobbie…you matter to me buddy!


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