It is with a heavy heart that I introduce Derby County’s Rammie the Ram.

Derby County FC put up a great fight against 4th place Hull City in the League playoffs, battling back from a crushing  3-0 defeat in the 1st Leg with a 2-0 win in the 2nd.

Unfortunately, if you add those goals up it equals a 3-2 loss on aggregate and another year in the English League Championship.

That being said a Ram is a symbol of determination, action, initiative, and leadership; so good luck in 2016/2017.


Rammie the Ram


Team: Derby County Football Club (Founded in 1884)

Town: Derby, England

Home: Pride Park (Capacity: 33,597)

League: English Football League Championship

Current Position: 5th place

Key Features: Punch-Drunk, Princess Leia Horns, Mostly human body (minus fuzzy knee caps).

Rammie is a bro, plain and simple.

If you are sitting around watching the game with seven people and a game winning goal is scored, you don’t have to look around for who to high five and hug first. You know why? Guys like Rammie are already there hugging you like they just brought down the mother ship in Independence Day.

Author Dan Brown taught me that the ram is also a symbol of the male libido, hence the term “Horny.” All passion…all the time.

This team feeds off of Rammie’s energy like a Daisy feeds off the sun. It’s natural, magical and damn heart warming to watch.

Any bros out there looking to take on a leadership role? Take notes on how to summon bros to action. This is how a ram leads.

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