It’s Thanksgiving week and the start of the most wonderful time of year. English Soccer is a cornucopia of mascots and for that I am truly thankful. Plymouth Argyle F.C. are literally nicknamed “The Pilgrims” for the English religious group that left Plymouth for the New World in 1620.

Wait it gets better…The Mayflower ship is on the clubs crest!

Plymouth Argyle Mayflower ship

Now let us meet THE ONE GUY who missed the boat.

Pilgrim Pete

Team: Plymouth Argyle F.C.(est. 1886)

Town: Plymouth,Devon,England
Home: Home Park (capacity: 17,578)
League: English League Two
Current Position: 1st place (as of 11/21/16)
Key Features: Red HairDreadlock-Handle-Bar Mustache that would make Sacha Kljestan purr, Toilet-Bowl Ears and Frankenstein Feet.

Much like the Pilgrims of yore Pete doesn’t have very good moves. He is from a time period where it was risque to show your ankles and a crazy night of passion was 15 seconds of awkwardness. Nothing says “Was it good for you?” like buttoning up your pantaloons with your backs turned to each other.

Anyways, you can’t expect much from him. He’s got Cotton Mather watching over him.

Don’t over thrust those hips Pete. If that spine goes beyond 90 degrees in the wrong direction you are going to bring shame to the people of Plymouth and you will end up on the gallows for sure.

Plymouth Argyle had a rivalry with Burnley in the 90’s but that diminished as their foe improved over the years and moved up to better leagues.

Burnley is now in a comfortable 11th place in the Premier League. Seeing that the bottom of the Premier League is a real poop sandwich right now so it looks like they will remain in 2018. Too soon to tell however.

Currently atop English League Two,  Plymouth is setting sail to a new world of their own.

I think they should replace manager Derek Adams with this guy…

myles standish soccer

Myles Standish knows how to get it done son!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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