English Mascot Monday is better late than never and wait till you hear what the pre-game ritual of Carlisle United’s Mascot is. Anyway’s Carlisle just beat Mansfield to take the top spot in England 2nd league. While the Pilgrims of Plymouth were busy eating their second slice of apple pie Carlisle slides into the top spot sly as…

Olga the Fox

Team: Carlisle United F.C. (Est: 1904)
Town: Carlisle,Cumbria, England
Home: Brunton Park (Capacity:18202)
League: English League 2
Current Position: 1st Place (As of 11/27/16)
Key Features: Physically fit,Pointy Muzzle with Dracula Fangs

Carlisle are known as ‘The Foxes’ due to the local connection with huntsman John Peel. Basically paying homage to those rich people chasing fox with their hounds in Downton Abbey. Love those guys.

Where this story takes a terrible turn is that the mascot Olga carries out a stuffed version of her real life self at home games



and OLGA is an anagram of GOAL.


I have nothing else to add…





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