So I got hand-foot-mouth disease last weekend and was covered in a red rash.

Put that atrocious thought away for a second.

Big 5-1 win for Liverpool against Hull City last weekend. A big win Dan? Yes, a big win. Liverpool has a tendency of stifling momentum by losing to lesser clubs after wins against top teams.

LFC supporters don’t want to merely beat Hull City, they want to demolish Hull City.

Liverpool is now 2nd in the Premier League with 16 goals, just two goals behind Chelsea. They have let up the most goals (9) out of anyone in the top 5 of the table, which is not desirable. However, when LFC scores the pressure comes off their defense and less stupid crap seems to happen and the inevitable blunders are less impactful.

Ladies and Gentleman, allow me to introduce to you our first ever Premier League Mascot:


Mighty Red

Team: Liverpool F.C. (Founded in 1892)

Town: Liverpool, England

Home: Anfield (capacity: 54,074)

League: English Premier League

Current Position 2016/17: 4th place

Key Features: Stegosaurus-Adrian Brody-Head Situation, Fish Eyes, Veneer Smile and Unsuitable Wings…Very Red .

The Liverbird has been the symbol of the city of Liverpool since the mid 14th century. This cormorant-like creature does not look at all like Mighty Red. This guy has the smile of Troy McClure from The Simpsons.

Mighty Red will sell you a fully loaded SUV and send you home with a complimentary Hula-Dancer -Dashboard Doll.

The idea of mascots seems more fitting for League Football vs Premier League.

One thing about this costume…top quality. Great materials used here. That’s Barclays money baby!

Take a tour of Melwood with big red!