I spent last week in Kennebunkport, Maine with my family.

Now I could have easily chosen to feature Gully the Gull of Brighton and Hove Albion to make the connection with my lovely beach-side retreat, but I decided to be a little less predictable and to challenge myself creatively.

So I dove into the week six results of English League Two to see if there was any mascot worth mentioning. I noticed that Grimsby Town put up 5 goals against Stevenage making them the highest scoring team of the week. So I googled “Mascot Grimsby Town” and I get this guy…

Mighty Mariner

Team: Grimbsby Town F.C.

Town: Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, England

Home: Blundell Park (9,052)

League: English League Championship

Current Position 2016/17: 12th Place (Promoted from National League after winning 2015/2016 Playoff Final against Forest Green Rovers)

Key Features: White Chin Curtain, Hobbit-like Brow and Smile and a Captains Cap

..a frigging sea captain. Can you believe it?

Not only that but the teams logo features the exact same boat I admired from my Adirondack chair and the mackerel I caught.

Grimsby Town FC Logo


Kennebunk Boat

Mackerel Grimsby Town

I caught this little guy when I was in need of bait and I cut it up to try to catch a bigger fish. He died in vein because all I caught was seaweed. You may say this fish was like Fernando Torres and the seaweed was Andy Carroll.

I digress.

So Grimsby Town F.C. introduced a new Mighty Mariner recently. I completely respect this move. If you look at the old picture of Mighty below you will see they have tightened up his eyebrows (as someone with wild eyebrows I completely respect the move). It looks like they have given him some sort of revitalizing cream from Christie Brinkley’s vanity cabinet as well.

Mighty is known for trolling the sidelines of the opposition and harassing them. Feel free to watch those videos on your own time because we have something else for you. Much like Cyril the Swan, Mighty speaks and even had a video blog at one point.

Grimsby Town was recently promoted from the National League after a playoff win. They are one of four clubs to play in all five levels of English Football. The others being Carlisle United, Oxford United and Luton town.

They are also considered the most prominent team in Lincolnshire because of the amount of top flight soccer they have played. You know who else is from Lincolnshire? None other than our first #EnglishMascotMonday honoree Scunny Bunny of Scunthorpe United!

In the early 50’s the club was coached by the Liverpool managerial legend Bill Shankly who led LFC to three league titles, 2 FA Cups and a UEFA Cup.  It must have been the Omega-3’s he was consuming in Grimsby Town… thanks Mariners!

HotFooty’s #EnglishMascotMonday: Introducing the U.S.A to the great English Soccer Mascots!