This weeks English Mascot Monday is 1 day late. Off to a great start in 2017.  The holiday is over and now the winter winds are starting to cut through my soul which was previously enriched by warm chestnuts and cheery garland hanging from my entry way.

It was nice to get back to work this week however. Honest toil is a great way to get through these dark cold winter evenings. When it gets dark early while you are working you also need…


Mossley Marv the LED Desk/Table Light 

Team: Mossley A.F.C. (Est: 1903)
Town: Mossley,Greater Manchester, England
Home: Seel Park (Capacity:4,000)
League: The Eco-Stik League North Division 1
Current Position: 17th Place (As of 1/10/17)
Key Features: Human Arms, Lint Roller Body, Human Legs &  Googly Eyes

We are in for a wild ride in 2017 and I can’t imagine a better way to kick us off. I don’t ski well and I don’t have many opportunities to lace up my skates living in NYC so I hate January-February. This little light of Mossley just brightened me up a little bit.

This is what happens when a club overtly uses their mascot for sponsorship/advertising. I am still trying to wrap my head around what league this is. All I know is that if Mossley Marv and Sammy Shrimp had a baby it would look like this guy.


Do I need to buy myself this Marvin lamp? I may dress him up with a little Lampard jersey.


HotFooty’s #EnglishMascotMonday: Introducing the U.S.A to the great English Soccer Mascots!