Believe it or not I have been sitting on this mascot for awhile now, waiting for the right moment. In hindsight last week made a lot more sense. Let me cut to the chase this mascot is a blood relative of a prominent American politician…

Deepdale Duck is related to former Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney.

Maybe if cousin Mitt trotted Deepdale Duck out in the swing states back in 2012 the political landscape would look a little different. He was tucking Deepdale away with pictures of himself drinking a Light Beer in 1972 and I don’t blame him.

Deepdale Duck

Team: Preston North End. (est. 1880)
Town: Preston,Lancashire,England
Home: Deepdale (capacity 23,404)
League: English League Championship
Current Position: 11th place (as of 11/13/16)
Key Features: Bandit Eyes, A Bent Bulbous Beak and a Signature Sideways Cap

Um, come again? As a Bostonian who moved to New York I am very sensitive to people with accents, but what the hell just dribbled out of Deepdale’s beak? Anyone out there from Lancashire that can help me here? Is this Lanky?

Deepdale doesn’t seem like a bad duck but his beak is bent forward which means he gets socked in the nose often.  Based on my research he doesn’t seem like a guy who respects personal space.

He probably comes up to you at the bar and hangs on you just rambling nonsense and you ask him politely to go away. Then the bartender says, “Deepy-D why don’t you call it a night mate?” Then he spills something on you and starts trying to clean up your crotch and you give him an elbow to the face to separate yourself.

Just look at this picture below. He is all up in Barney the Owl’s business and he probably put him in the stretcher in the first place. Deepdale…back off buddy. My boy Ozzie the Owl is coming in hot to perform a beakplasty too. Sheffield Wednesday’s owls are tight. I would get the hell out of there fast!

Mascot battle, Duck vs Owl? Who you got?

Sheffield Wednesday face Preston North End December 3rd, 10am EST.

I may need watch that game with the New York Owls at Football Factory.

11/15/16 Update..Barney nor Ozzie the Owl of Sheffield Wednesday are in the Stretcher, I repeat that is not Barney or Ozzie in the stretcher!

HotFooty’s #EnglishMascotMonday: Introducing the U.S.A to the great English Soccer Mascots!