It’s Halloween! So, that means any English Mascot will work today right? They are men in costumes after all. No, that is not nearly enough. You dive deep into the world wide web till you find the perfect mascot to fit the moment. That is what you do! That is what #EnglishMascotMonday is all about.

I was looking at the English League 1 results to see if anything jumped out at me; quickly realizing that a lot of the top teams I have already featured.

I noticed a team named Fleetwood Town F.C. beat Gillingham 1-0.

Step 1: Google Search "Fleetwood Town Mascot"
Step 2: Spit out coffee at the result "Captain Cod"
Step 3: YouTube Search "Captain Cod Fleetwood"
Step 4: Find the perfect video as the top result!

Seriously meet…

Captain Cod 

Team: Fleetwood Town F.C. (est. 1908)

Town: Fleetwood, Lancashire, England

Home: Highbury Stadium (capacity: 5,327)

League: English League 1

Current Position 2016/17: 10th place (as of 10/30/17)

Key Features: Pronounced dorsal fin, Look of sheer panic (head on), Smiling (side view). Human legs and feet.

Oh wait…there is more!

Captain Cod is terrifying and terrified looking. He looks like he just saw a basilisk inside the Chamber of Secrets.

I can’t even create a narrative about this guy because he’s literally a fish out of water and I can’t find any human attributes. This is some Steven King Pet Sematary stuff. This is a dead fish under a curse to be the mascot for Fleetwood Town F.C. against his will.

Fleetwood Town doesn’t have much silverware. They did win the 2012-2014 League Two playoffs, while their much hated neighbors Blackpool (30 min south) were relegated in 2014-2015 into the league.

Which means the two clubs playing in league competition for the first time and Fleetwood fans were jacked up!

Including this Fleetwood Super Fan:

This guys name is Ben Knapman and he is a video blogger for Fleetwood and let me say this…if HotFooty doesn’t interview him we should just shut the site down.

FYI: Jamie Vardy played for Fleetwood during the 2011-2012 season and put up 31 goals.

HotFooty’s #EnglishMascotMonday: Introducing the U.S.A to the great English Soccer Mascots!