What a glorious Monday. When Arsenal win a game I love to see it full of red cards and controversy. The true greats like the New England Patriots (for instance) just crush lesser teams but, leave it to the Gunner’s to complicate a game against Burnley. Obviously Arsenal are a far superior team but “The Clarets” played with a lot of grit and muscle and they also have their secret weapon…mascot…

Bertie Bee

Team: Burnley F.C. (Est: 1882)
Town: Burnley,Lancashire,England
Home: Turf Moor (Capacity: 21,401)
League: English Premier League
Current Position: 13th Place (As of 1/23/17)
Key Features: Striped Face, Red Button Nose, Tangled Antenna.  Basically he’s Buzz from Honey Nut Cheerios if he was a jewel thief.

Guy’s like Bertie Bee are an important cog in the machine that is a tight group of bros. Bertie will do anything to get a rise out of his friends. This is important when bouncing back from serious incidents like breakups or hangovers that require two Gatorades. Here are two examples:

Bertie Bee doing the Ice Bucket Challenge….

Bertie Bee doing the Worm…

I believe that all the great championship teams have a certain sense of brotherhood. There is one player that can’t hide his/her joy of being on a team and playing the game they love. A few people that come to mind:

Nick Swisher – New York Yankees

Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots

Kevin Millar – Boston Red Sox

Shaq – L.A. Lakers

Rammie the Ram of Derby County…you get the point.

Guy’s like this can fool the opposition because they are prepared for a clown but, when the clock starts and the lights come on Bertie becomes a world-class competitor.

Watch this wonderful documentary on the secret life of Bertie Bee. I don’t think any other mascot trains with his club like this guy. Do not miss the 2:45 mark when manager Sean Dyche walks Bertie through his role in the teams tactical formation. Kills me!

Burnley F.C. topped the 2015/2016 English League Championship Table with 93 points to be promoted into the Premier League.  If you think Bertie Bee did not contribute to that you know nothing about what the English call Soccer Football.

This just in 2 hrs after posting: Bertie Bee sucks at dancing but that doesn’t stop him:

HotFooty’s #EnglishMascotMonday: Introducing the U.S.A to the great English Soccer Mascots!