I went to the NYCFC v. Colorado Rapids game at Yankee Stadium Sunday and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of international fans that show up. English Footy fans seeking out just a faint whiff of the high jinks and ballyhoo they experiance back home or South American fans supporting their fellow countrymen.

I sat next to a gentleman named Angelo from Sicily who was there with his young son to watch Pirlo. Pirlo left the game and his son said “ok, we can go now!”

Anyways, I also made friends with a guy named Dan from Birmingham, England who explained to me how “shit” the field is at Yankee stadium.

It is indeed shit Dan…and this ones for you:

Beau Brummie

Team: Birmingham City F.C.

Town: Birmingham, England

Home: St. Andrews Stadium (Capacity: 30,016)

Final Position 2015/16: 10th Place

Key Features: Oversized torso,Protruding lower-canine teeth and a Chummy grin

Let’s get to the point…Beau is your brother. Not a bro…a brother.

If you are really broken up about something you did, Beau will grab you by the ears, look you in the eyes and say, “Your going to be fine, no one needs to know…it’s not that big of a deal” He will hold your baggage and send it up river where no one will ever hear of it again. He would give you a big hug, laugh at how dramatic you are and say, “Come on let’s go get some pizza and hit some balls at the range.”

#EnglishMascotMonday has featured some amazing mascots, but god dammit I love this mutt.

When asked what is the best part about being the BCFC mascot in an interview with The Daily Touch Beau said, “it has to be getting to run out with the team each home game on to our hallowed turf and meeting all the fans, getting so many hugs.”

If you listen to our podcast you will know Beau sounds a lot like Hoff in his love of hugs.

In a world where a club can change it’s mascot over night like West Ham United’s Hammerhead or dramatically alter it’s visage like Bodger in Wycombe, Beau’s 50-year tenure is refreshing.

Beau’s history with the club would make Thucydides say, “Wow…that’s a lot of history.”

The written word fails to explain how beloved Beau is to Birmingham City F.C. and can only be expressed through song…


I tried to find the lyrics to this song for over a half an hour and came up dry. I took it upon myself to listen to this song and transcribed it line by line. Photo credit to my wife Kristen Leeman who took this while asking, “what are you doing over there?”

danny listening to Beau Brummie

In red are my guesses at what’s being sung. This may be the first time these lyrics have been put on the internet…your welcome.

Beau Brummie Lyrics by Roy Green:

Down in ole St. Andrews, they have found a pup
And he's is the idol, of the football club
He is oh so happy
and he's very chummy 
Everybody knows him
He's called Beau Brummie

Beau Brummie
Everbody loves him 
Beau Brummie 
Everybody loves him 
Beau Brummie 
Our favorite football hound! 

With his doggy antics,
he'll go to the top 
Best hound of the nation 
he'll be hard to stop

Folks will clap and cheer him 
on his merry way
Down in ole St. Andrews
you will hear them say


So come on all you blues fans
who are aiming for the top
Down at ole St. Andrews
we will never stop
Let the cry ring out 
Go hound go 
He's our favorite Brummie
He's known as Beau 


He will be with them forever
For years and years and years 
Football at it's pre-shma 
Listening to the cheers 
Dressed up in his blues
its his favorite color
Leading them forever
to the end of the road 


Did you hear that? Not the song…the sound of me becoming the biggest American-born Birmingham City F.C. fan living in Queens, New York. 

Birmingham is 5/1 to be relegated to English League 1 this year.

I will say this…NOT ON BEAU’S WATCH and NOT ON MINE!


Brummie is the English accent of people from Birmingham. Much like Scouse is the accent of people from Liverpool.


In my attempt to find the lyrics to this Beau Brummie ballad I stumbled upon two of these gems. These people are proper F’ed in the head and I love them. I still have never been to London and if I get another chance to go to England I’m going straight to Birmingham.

This is the Willie Nelson of Birmingam. This guy’s humor is dryer than Carr’s Table Water Cracker. Pass the cheese spread because I can’t get enough. I demand he write our “Relegation Station” theme song for the HotFooty Podcast

“Im stuck in traffic, I still wear a smile…they will catch me speeding as soon as i leave the queue, it’s ok”

A brilliant Brummie spoof of Baywatch and I completely lost it at the 1:08 mark:

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