English Mascot Monday: Alice and Pete The Bald Eagles of Crystal Palace

Oh this day is just full of irony! Hoff said that Arsenal were going to roll right over Crystal Palace resulting in a strong bid for the 4th spot which Liverpool has “no chance” of securing…even though they are in third place.  Man Eagle Wenger never let’s us down and has lost four straight road matches for the first time in his career. He has now given up his airspace to this lovely couple and possible kin.

Alice and Pete Eagle

Team: Crystal Palace FC

Town: South Norwood, London, England

Home: Selhurst Park (Capacity: 25,456)

League: Premier League

Current Position: 16th Place (as of 4/10/17)

Key Features: ALL BEAK. ALL DAY. Betty Davis Eyes for Alice and 80’s Sunglasses for Pete.

Have you ever met a couple that are so in love thats it’s sickening? Well that is not the situation with Alice and Pete and I will tell you why. I am not a big fan of adages about marital bliss, but a couple that supports a club together stays together. I don’t mean merely supporting them as fans, but literally carrying their team on their back.

While Alice is distracting Wenger with her doe eyes, Pete’s pecking meat pies out of Arsenal supporters’ hands. This is a 1-2 punch never seen before in the mascot world.

Rumor has it Wenger needed to take an ice bath before returning to the pitch to manage the gunners after seeing this dance…

What a couple though..truly lovely. Pete is so secure with himself and so trusting his wife he has no problem with her shaking her tail feather.  Truly inspiring. In the words of Hoff “I love love.”