In a post a couple weeks ago I didn’t know what to do with myself listening to the San Jose Quakes’ guy. It was a rudely prompt awakening back into the wild pot of stew that are the MLS production teams and their local affiliates after listening to the silky smooth crooning of Jon Champion. Time has passed and we’re back at it again this past week with San Jose facing first place FC Dallas. Well I can say one thing for sure now, this guy loves posts. Anything to do with ball hitting post and its go time for him. He’s so overcome with emotion he can’t even finish the word without passing out mid sentence sometimes. There’s a difference between getting excitedly loud and being a lunatic flying off the handle on close call goals. This guy has firmly wedged himself into that space and is not letting go any time soon.

Highlights from San Jose Quakes v. FC Dallas from 7/9/16. Dallas wins the game 1-0 but if you’re only counting goals in this league you’re missing out on a WHOLE lot.

Note: had to whittle down this list from about 14 clips to these 4

  1. The “I’m going to ignore the beautiful pass that was just played because I need to be on my toes if this ball gets close to going in”. The post reaction he unleashes in this one is all time.
  2. Exhibit B: another POST SMASH. The fact this keeps going and getting more absurd is like every time that wildcat on the History channel’s alien show comes on camera. Somehow mid-taping his hair gets more ludicrous and it gets you every time.
  3. Really thought he had one here. Latched onto this almost-goal like a lion does a gazelle in the open field. 
  4. The bell of the ball. Classic case of peaking early but committing to leaving it all out on the field. You simply will not hear a more emphatic “POST” in your time on this earth.