Blackburn Rover’s Shane Duffy had a tough day at the office against Cardiff City on Wednesday, scoring two own goals. Can’t get worse than that right?


Shane Duffy then went on to pick up a red card in the final minute of the match. I believe that is the definition of “adding insult to injury.”

He has three own goals in the first three games of the season which puts him on track to break the record for most own goals in one season.

If that is not enough perspective for you the all-time own goal leader has 10, Richard Dunne of Manchester City.

I will say this though, the two own goals against Cardiff are gorgeous.

I am convinced these goals are intentional because they are finished better than Gordon Ramsay plating an octopus salad in his Michelin Star years.

This performance will force Dice, Hoff and myself to think twice before knocking the performance of Frédéric Brillant.

So I can’t help but wonder what is the “Working Man’s” equivalent of a day like this?

As I have mentioned on the HotFooty Podcast, I am a beer importer by day. A #ShaneDuffyDay for me would be as follows:


I asked Dice what a #ShaneDuffyDay would look like for a Garbage Man:

It’s 7am, you’re doing the rounds dumping bags into the truck and you hit two houses in a row that had “experimental Sardinian sheeps milk cheese nights,” couple of blocks go by and you get stuck in Bernie Sanders rally traffic.

I asked Hoff what a what a #ShaneDuffyDay would look like for an Accountant:

Writes an audit report for the president of his company and submits it via email. Then he finds out he accidentally emailed pictures of his nips clamped with live crabs.

Dices’s response:

an Accountant’s #ShaneDuffyDay is walking thru the office doors…


Shane Duffy had a collision with another player while training for the Ireland National squad, lacerated his liver and almost died. It seemed like an innocuous collision and it resulted in massive blood loss. Some people just have all the luck.

So do yourself and Shane Duffy a favor, leave your work week behind and have a great Weekend!

If you have had a day that rivals #ShaneDuffyDay I want to hear about it. Tweet me at @DannyHotFooty.

P.S. Technically a #ShaneDuffyDay wouldn’t be complete without some dickhead blogger writing a whole post about it.


This is the exact face I make when I go into the fridge for leftover pizza and find the slices are all gone then I turn around to find my wife throwing out the slice she half ate because she is full and doesn’t like crust.