HotFooty is committed to proving to the world that the MLS is an entertaining and quality product. We believe the potential for growth is tremendous. A sign of that growth is the emergence of dedicated soccer stadiums, but not every MLS team has found the funding or enthusiasm to build one yet. 16 clubs have invested in or lobbied for soccer specific arenas, and the teams that pulled it off have the best MLS stadiums.

One of the the biggest hindrances to the appreciation of Major League Soccer is the perception that many clubs are still playing on pitches that resemble a “Cat Lady’s” living room carpet. Little BoBo the American Shorthair loves the area in front of goal.

HotFooty’s “Know the Pitch” series

We want to take the time to introduce to the world some of the best MLS stadiums.  During the 2016 MLS Season HotFooty will be visiting and reviewing stadiums in our “Know the Pitch” series. We will review the concessions, the shops, the pitch, and most importantly the fans!

The Shared Stadiums

Six clubs currently alter the stadiums of other sports. This offers awkward viewing experiences as well as leaving the fan base a feeling that there is a possible lack of commitment by ownership.

In some cases, like NYCFC, they are openly communicating with fans about a dedicated pitch. It kills me watching Pirlo running the bases!

On the other hand, how do The Revolution, a founding team owned by one the largest sport franchises in the US, not have a stadium?

We will talk about these particular clubs and their stadium situations another time.

There is no doubting the significant value added for a club that has their own stadium. A unique place to create history and a loyal fan base is imperative to building club character.  Home games have a different feeling when you’re defending on your own turf against an intruder and your fans are ruthless voices of intimidation.

Hell Toronto FC has such a home presence that they have a real Hawk as Mascot to stir up intimidation.

Picture entering into the below atmosphere versus strolling into a rectangle catty cornered between a couple of giant foul poles and some ads for W.B. Mason.

This post was updated on 3/5/17.