“I’m hungry, I’m excited…The fun part about that is I’m going to be here for 3 years. I’m excited about settling in, allowing Denver to be my home, and becoming a part of the culture and community and not just the team.”

Well this is trouble for current Rapids keeper Zac MacMath. You hear that Zac? Three years he’s going to be there. Are you prepared to sit on the bench until the year 2020? Will goalies even be required in the year 2020?

He is going to be a part of the culture and the community. Prepare to have your roots ripped up from under you. This is like a battle of elementary school PTA president outgoing versus incoming. Show no mercy and erase your enemy from the face of the sporadically placed cork boards around the school hallways. Make everyone forgot the double chocolate chip cookies they used to make because you’re bringing triple chunk to the table and an occasional waffles and nutella night that’s going to blow people’s minds.

And it’s all just too perfect. The first game Tim’s eligible for is a home match on the Fourth of July? Is that even fair? This was likely agreed to the instant Tim stepped off the field against Belgium in 2014. Zac has been the starter and at the same time out of a job for two years and didn’t even know it. This is a fight for top spot where Zac has both hands tied behind his back, is getting maced, and a bald eagle is nesting in his new pair of Nike Mercurial Superfly’s.

Look away Zac: