I present to you Toronto FC Goalie Clint Irwin:


Back in January Toronto FC acquired goalie Clint Irwin from the Colorado Rapids. If, like me, you’ve been wondering how the managers at Toronto have been training with Clint it looks like we now have our answer: locked door, marathon sessions of Yukon Jack (Canadian Gatorade), peameal bacon sandwiches and watching Toronto legend Felix Potvin on loop. Glove save and a BEAUT

Toronto stated a goal of fortifying their defense for the upcoming season and have done so through multiple acquisitions. A mark of a true contender in the league is a shutdown defense, with solid center back partnerships and a general understanding among the players of when to cover, when to make runs forward (and when not to) and trust established through communication and commitment. Experience and game time with each other is typically the route to this defensive promise land. Clint is a skilled keeper and along with the other defensive acquisitions (Steven Beitashour and Drew Moor) could be the beginnings of a title challenging back line. It is great to see a team planning for the future and developing a squad with a focus on defense. This is exactly the type of team construction you need in order to let the Triangle Of Treachery ahead of them be able to fully apply their skills going forward. Instead of perhaps only half committing with the worry that they have to put in a bit more of a shift on the defensive side of things, Seba, Bradley, and Jozy can institute a proper level of mayhem upon their opponents.