Each week we’ll be presenting the HotFooty Power Top 3 and Power Bottom 3 right here on these very pages. It is a look at a pseudo mid-season relegation and promotion. Promotion to where? I don’t know. Relegation to where? No clue. Without freddy adu here are the rankings:

Power Top 3:

1) Colorado Rapids: Picking up where they left off scoring 1 and letting in 0. Real good to see Zac MacMath out of hiding and back on the field
2) FC Dallas: No surprise to see Kellyn Acosta getting some honey on that stinger. He also elicited this goal call from the announcer which is cause enough to be in the Power Top 3.
3) NYRB: Not all heroes wear capes. Some rile up a fan base and then crush their hopes and dreams they so demonstrated they don’t yet deserve.

An Honorable Mention goes to the Portland Timbers. The franchise that hasn’t quite decided yet whether they want to fully commit to the MLS or pursue the startup TIFO league. Extra large win over the Targets was extra predictable. And I fully admit I am actively deducting points for TIFO obsession.

Power Bottom 3:

20) Minnesota: a 5-1 loss to Portland on opening weekend – look for a leaked MLS jersey re-make with the targets on the back.
21) Montreal: got lucky with the scoreline but lets be honest they ran into a top ranked MLS outfit literally
22) Every team that tied 0-0: come on this is the opening weekend of MLS we need thunder, T-Rex and F-35s