The “Senegalese Stinger”  Sadio Mane was brought to the hospital today with what seems like a shoulder dislocation.

I have to tell you I am getting sick of injured forwards. I have had about all I can take because of Sturridge who spends more time on the bench then a drunk at the Port Authority.

Now Act like your playing for Ditka, run into a fence,knock that puppy back in and get on that damn field.

I feel like the only injury soccer players come back from immediately are nose related. Call Italy and slap a mask on him….he’ll  be fine.

Liverpool face recently promoted Burnley this weekend, followed by an League Cup clash with Burton Albion of Billy the Brewer fame.

One would hope that LFC wouldn’t need him to win those games so hopefully this turns out to be nothing more than a minor injury that has no impact on LFC’s record.

If this Mane’s injury drags on at least I have NYCFC to fall back on.

I Just found out a new benefit to following Major League Soccer: it’s a safety net for when your Premier League club  is frustrating you.

Count it!