Manchester United calls this dollar-store snow globe an award? This is the “Leg Lamp” of soccer awards. Atonio Valencia is thanking god for this award though. God love him. I’d be thanking the guy from the mall cart who made it.

I’d be as excited to win this trophy as I was when I got the yellow Sony Walkman (cassette player) for my birthday, when they just started making Discmans.

Seriously though, looks like something you would get at one of those mall carts that prints your face into a square-glass paper weight.

Manchester United is one of the largest sports organizations in the world and this is all they can come up with?

I can’t imagine any other use for this award at Ibrahamovic’s house than to hold open a bedroom door on a windy spring day.

You call that a player of the month award?

Now thats a player of the month award!

Oh and Liverpool doesn’t just give you a trophy with a respectable weight to it, they give you only the finest bottle of champagne British banking has to offer. Standard Chartered Champagne!