Thank god this team loves their manager because it may be the only thing holding LFC together. I can say for myself even when Lovren and Matip were inexplicably playing forward  in stoppage time, all I needed was Klopp’s smile and I just embraced two guys being out of position. Whatever you want boss. Almost an equalizer in the 94th minute, no problem! You know why…love!

Sadio Mane is out and Coutinho leaves the game with what I am hoping is just a contusion.

Adam Lallana brought some poise back to the pitch. He is basically the Mr. Smithers for Klopp.

Things started getting wonky in the 60th minute and I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Mignolet got a finger tip on a screamer and I fainted and hit my head on the coffee table and did not wake up till the final whistle was blown.

Origi had some nice moments, but the shining moment of the match and possibly the top goal of LFC’s season was Emre Can’s bicycle kick which he celebrated by sliding to Klopp’s feet like a cocker spaniel begging for a biscuit.

 Can Can want a treat? Whose a good Can Can? Whose my little red Can Can?

That’s it. All we can do is hope and love each other right now. Win or lose…love is all we need right? GFY.