The game started with Bruno trying to hock up the courage to face the supporters at Anfield.

Bruno Villareal Stretch

It ended with 3-0 (3-1 aggregate) win for Liverpool Leg 2 of the Europa League Semi-Final.

Liverpool dominated with a constant attack and Villareal made a lot of desperate attempts stop it by  flopping around and making crazy challenges.

You cant  flop at the kop on Klopp.

That’s all I have for you on this my fellow Red’s because I need to go over the show notes for our podcast recording tonight or Hoff will yell at me and Dice will do his best to bring me down.

Liverpool will face the Spanish side Sevilla in Basel on Wednesday, May 18th – 2pm.


Some tweets sum it up better than a long post!


 I will punch the Moooooon! – Klopp seemed to say